Florida’s heat and humidity make your AC system essential. While you might not give much thought to your air conditioning system, you would likely treat a breakdown as an emergency. Florida’s climate presents a real challenge to the durability of air conditioning systems. Still, regular, twice-yearly maintenance can extend your system’s life.

How Does Florida’s Climate Affect Air Conditioning Systems?

Florida’s warm, sunny climate draws visitors from around the world. Even during the winter months, daytime temperatures in West Palm Beach can climb into the 80s. The summer months feature high temperatures combined with humidity and occasionally violent storms.

The heat you might regularly experience in Florida can significantly affect your air conditioning system’s reliability and longevity. Here are a few key climate factors and their potential impact on your AC system.

Consistently High Temperatures

When the outdoor temperatures soar during the summer months, your air conditioner must work harder to maintain the interior comfort of your home or business. If you want reliably cool temperatures, lower humidity, and better indoor air quality, your AC system’s proper functioning is essential.

In addition to working harder during the summer months, you likely turn your system on occasionally during the winter months on days when the temps reach the 80s. Unlike people who live in colder climates, you depend on your AC system almost year-round. This means your system works harder and longer than similar systems installed in homes and businesses in many other places.

To beat the heat, your AC system must undergo regular preventive maintenance from our expert technicians at Premier Comfort Services. Our technicians will check your system, oil parts, clean debris, and ensure it’s ready to handle the temperatures year-round.

High Humidity Levels

South Florida’s climate is tropical and combines high temperatures with high humidity levels. The humidity makes it feel even hotter. Because of this, your air conditioner serves dual purposes and must keep your home’s interior cool while reducing humidity levels.

High levels of humidity place significant strain on your air conditioner and can stress its air intake system. Mildew and mold might flourish if you don’t regularly maintain your air conditioning system. Spores can clog the filters and reduce the airflow through the vents. Without regular maintenance, mold might spread throughout your home and reduce the quality of the air your family breathes.

Our professionals at Premier Comfort Services can combat the potential impact of humidity on your AC system. We’ll inspect and service your system, change your filters, and ensure that everything is mildew and mold-free.

Salty Air

Living in West Palm Beach offers terrific proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. However, it also means your AC system must contend with the effects of salty air. Salt corrodes HVAC components on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Corrosion leads to drops in efficiency, which translates to increased energy bills. If left unmaintained, the damage might cause refrigerant leaks and system failure.

A part of regular preventive maintenance includes inspection for signs of corrosion and cleaning to prevent salt buildup. Our technicians at Premier Comfort Services provides several benefits. We recognize your system must work hard to keep your home or business cool and comfortable year-round. Regular maintenance helps ensure your system continues functioning optimally while reducing your energy bills.

Four benefits of regular AC maintenance include the following:

  • Better efficiency
  • Reliable performance
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Longer system life

Let’s take a brief look at each of these benefits.

Maintenance Equals Better Efficiency

Keeping your home or business cool and comfortable year-round can be an expensive undertaking. To keep your energy costs lower, you need your system to operate with maximum efficiency.

Your system’s SEER rating means nothing if you don’t take proper care of your air conditioner. Without maintenance, parts will wear out and break down, leading to reductions in efficiency and spiking energy costs.

Getting your system maintained twice per year helps to optimize the efficiency of your air conditioner. Studies have shown that the efficiency of air conditioning systems drops by 5% each year if they aren’t properly maintained. Setting up a regular maintenance schedule with us at Premier Comfort Services can be a cost-effective way to tackle your utility costs.

Maintenance Means Performance You Can Count On

An AC system failure is a nightmare for anyone in South Florida. Waiting in the heat and humidity for technicians to arrive and repair your system might feel overwhelming.

Thankfully, you might avoid breakdowns with regular maintenance. Our technicians at Premier Comfort Services, our veteran-owned HVAC company proudly serves residential and commercial customers in West Palm Beach and Melbourne, Florida. We specialize in AC services and heating services of residential and commercial HVAC systems, so we can handle all of your heating and cooling needs. We also provide expert plumbing services and electrical services.

Whatever your needs might be, we’re here to help. For more information, contact our experts at Premier Comfort today!

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