When the temperature drops due to seasonal changes, you need a fully functional furnace to keep your home warm. It is possible to forget about your heating system when the Florida atmosphere is warm and humid. However, we recommend regular checks to keep the system at optimal capacity.

Maintaining your furnace requires intentional care that will give your unit an extended life span. With routine maintenance, you won’t have to worry about a breakdown in the middle of the night that will leave you and your loved ones in the cold. Instead, you’ll enjoy energy efficiency that lowers your utility bills, consequently helping you to save money. Our Premier Comfort Services technicians developed this article to guide you on the best maintenance tactics for your furnace.

Change the Filter

A filter helps trap dust particles and debris, preventing them from entering the rooms. Therefore, a filter may get clogged over time if you do not frequently change it. As the unwanted debris accumulates, it blocks the air passage, causing you to experience reduced airflow. Consequently, your furnace will work harder to attain the desired room temperature.

To remedy this, you need to change your filters regularly, depending on your location and the advice from our experts. The increased airflow will prevent overworking, improve energy efficiency, and increase indoor air quality. This way, your unit will function longer and attain its full lifespan.

Keep the Home Clean

Our technicians at Premier Comfort Services advocate keeping your home free from dust, stray hair strands, and other small particles that can float into your vents. Clean surfaces reduce the dust the filter has to sieve, thus enabling the furnace to work more efficiently. Your indoor air quality will improve significantly, and you won’t have to crank up the thermostat quite as much.

It is also crucial to periodically call for professional help to clean your vents. Your ventilation system may accumulate dust, mold, and at times, pests, which you must constantly remove. These things interfere with indoor air quality and may lead to respiratory issues. The pests could also damage your ductwork and cause leaks, leading to overworking the heating system. Conscientious care helps you maintain clean, sealed vents that promote proper airflow.

Schedule Regular Professional Checkups

Our experts recommend annual maintenance sessions for your furnace whether you notice a problem or not. During these appointments, we inspect the entire unit for issues. Our team is efficient and thorough, guaranteeing excellence in furnace performance. Your adherence to the annual appointments allows us to address all minor problems before they advance to cause significant damage. This saves the money you would otherwise spend on repairs.

During an annual tune-up, the technician will change the filter, clean the system, lubricate moving parts, tighten loose electrical connections, and calibrate the thermostat. Obstructions and malfunctions get sorted so your furnace keeps working optimally. We discourage DIY maintenance since you might damage the furnace with unprofessional tools or improper handling. While some people attempt this to save money, it may lead to significant issues that cost more in the long run. Besides it will void your warranty.

Prompt Expert Repairs

Part of good furnace care in Florida is making timely repairs. We advocate calling our Premier Comfort Services professionals whenever you notice a negative change in performance. Do not wait out the problem or try some DIY fix. This might only worsen the situation. Therefore, you need to contact us promptly so we can repair the malfunction before it escalates.

Minor problems may arise due to age or wear and tear. Ignoring these issues causes the heating unit to strain and falter. Attending to them early gives your furnace the ability to keep working at its best. It could serve you for its entire lifetime without requiring significant repair expenses or an early replacement.

Some of the signs that you have furnace trouble include the following:

  • Strange noises
  • Uneven heating
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Failure to start
  • Reduced airflow
  • Skyrocketing energy bills
  • Moisture buildup
  • Water around the furnace

Thermostat Maintenance

Your furnace heavily relies on the thermostat for its daily functioning. Here are two ways you can enhance its use.

1. Invest in Technology

The thermostat is the control center that dictates the indoor temperature. Adjusting it determines the interior conditions you wish to create. Therefore, you need a thermostat that functions at its best. You can save a great deal of money by changing settings to correspond to various times of day or whether you are home. To streamline the process and save all the bother, you should upgrade to a modern option that allows reduced physical interaction with the device.

At Premier Comfort Services, we can help you install a programmable thermostat that allows you to set your preferred temperatures from your phone. This smart home device uses modern technology to learn your patterns and regulate the temperature at different times. You will always enjoy your preferred indoor environment without constant adjustments.

2. Don’t Turn Off the Heat

It is also crucial to note that you should not turn off your furnace when leaving the home for your daily activities. Turning it off gives it extra work to warm the house when you return in the evening. The best tactic is adjusting the setting to reduce the temperature slightly. When you return, the home will not be cold, and the heating system will quickly warm up the rooms. With a programmable thermostat, you can input the various settings for different times and let the thermostat regulate the indoor environment.

Seal Your Home

Loss of heat through leaks can cause your heating system to overwork, trying to maintain your indoor temperature. The cooler outdoor air will seep into the system and reduce the temperature, making it hard to sustain the required environment. Therefore, your furnace will work harder while not attaining the desired results.

You can prevent this by having your home inspected and sealing all the leaks. This will ensure that your indoor air does not escape. You should also keep your windows and doors closed and check them for drafts. With minimal exchange between the indoor and outdoor air, your furnace will be energy efficient and function for many years.


At Premier Comfort Services, we advise all our Florida customers to work with professional HVAC technicians for the best indoor comfort. Our team has years of experience helping homeowners attain optimal heating and cooling. We also use the latest technology and keep updating our knowledge. This way, we constantly provide the best services to all our clients in the area. When you work with us, you benefit from exceptional customer attention. Besides heating, we also handle cooling, indoor air quality, water heaters, and electrical services.

Whether you need us for repairs, installation, or maintenance, you can count on us for quality work. Our thorough assessments enable us to give accurate solutions to keep your furnace and entire HVAC system in good shape. We offer prompt responses and arrive on time for all appointments. Our approach allows us to form long-lasting relationships with all our customers. This way, you can rely on us for as long as you live in the area.

Give us a call at Premier Comfort Services today and discuss any of your West Palm Beach furnace needs with our expert technicians.

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