Electrical issues in West Palm Beach, FL can occur without warning. Whether it is storming or near-perfect weather, there is a chance that a component of your home’s electrical system will have an issue. Maybe you notice a light flickering or your fuses are blowing. These might seem minor, but they could be the sign of a bigger problem. If you notice any issues with your home’s electrical system, it is important to call in a professional so that they can safely diagnose and address the problem.

1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

There are times when circuit breakers trip and there is no cause for concern; they are designed to trip to prevent an overload. However, if you notice that they are tripping regularly and there is no clear reason for this, calling a professional is the next step.

There are three main reasons why your circuits might be tripping. The first is a circuit overload. This means that the circuit has too high of an electrical load to handle, whether from a single event (like a power surge or storm) or too many appliances being connected to the circuit.

Another reason is a ground fault surge. In this instance, there is a hot wire making contact with either a metal outlet box or a ground wire.

A short circuit can also cause this problem. It happens because of a large current surge due to a hot wire making contact with another hot wire or a neutral wire.

2. Electrical Outlet and Switch Warmth

When you go to turn on a light or plug something in, does the outlet or switch feel warm to the touch? No outlets or switches should ever feel warm, so if they do, this indicates a problem. If your light switch feels warm, this could be due to a failing switch, overloaded switch or faulty wires.

If your outlet feels warm, there are multiple potential reasons:

  • One outlet has too many plugs in it
  • Broken infrastructure
  • An issue with the plugged-in device
  • Damaged wiring
  • Poorly sized breaker or fuse
  • Excessive demand on the circuit

3. Outdated Electrical Panel

Like anything electronic, electrical panel upgrades are needed eventually. The average electrical panel’s lifespan is 25 to 40 years, so if yours is hitting this time frame, it is time to talk to a professional electrician about replacing it.

If your panel does not have breakers or you have to reset the breakers often, a replacement may be necessary. You should also consider replacement if the panel is broken or rusted.

If you notice that it is hot to the touch, there is a burning smell or there are sparks whenever you have to plug something in, those are all further signs may be time for a new one. If any of these issues occur, make sure to call an electrician immediately since they also put you at risk of an electrical fire.

4. You Are Using a Lot of Extension Cords

In today’s modern home, there are numerous devices that people need to plug in to keep life running smoothly. For example, you probably find yourself needing to recharge your laptop and cellphone regularly, and they need to be plugged in for this.

Many people find themselves turning to extension cords to create more room to plug in their electronic devices. However, too many extension cords put you at risk for overloading some of the circuits in your home. There is also the risk that people in the home could trip over them and experience an injury. Electricians can help upgrade your circuits so they can more easily handle the power draw, and they may be able to advise you how to reduce clutter while keeping all the outlets you need.

5. Lights Are Flickering

You might view flickering lights as just a nuisance, but they could be alerting you of an electrical issue. In some cases, a loose bulb is to blame. If only one or two lights are flickering, this could be the issue, and you can fix it by tightening the bulb.

If a loose bulb is not the problem, the light fixture itself might be. This could be due to it being old, improperly installed or being impacted by leaks in the ceiling. If that’s not the case, your outlet may be loose, which causes it to not hold onto the plug properly and interrupts the electricity flowing through it. Furthermore, dimmer switches may cause flickering, as not all lightbulbs are compatible with them. Otherwise, the switches could be mismatched or faulty.

6. The Walls Sound Like They Are Buzzing

If you are in your home and it sounds like your walls are buzzing, this could indicate an issue with your electrical system. One of the biggest and most serious reasons for this noise is damaged or old wires. This could present a fire hazard if you do not address it immediately.

In some cases, it means that the wiring in your home is unable to handle the load or that there is improperly grounded wiring. Both of these could lead to more serious issues if you do not fix them immediately.

Other electrical issues might also cause this buzzing sound. One reason is loose screws that work to attach the wiring to a switch or an outlet. In other cases, it could be a bad connection inside one of your switches or outlets.

7. Your House is More Than 20 Years Old

If more than 20 years have passed since your last electrical upgrade, now is the time to start thinking about it. Call an experienced electrician and set up an inspection. They will evaluate your current system, make sure that it is up to code and make recommendations about what you can change to make it modern and safer.

During the inspection, they will also assess the electrical needs of your home. Some people need more than others. For example, for bigger families or people who work from home, more outlets might be helpful to handle the load.

They can also look at things like the type of outlets you have. While two-prong outlets are legal, the general recommendation is to update these to three-prong outlets. They have a ground wire, which makes them a safer choice. Plus, they can handle all of your three-prong cords without the need for an adapter.

Professional Electricians in West Palm Beach

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