Water Hardness in Florida and the Best Solution

The water in our great state of Florida typically ranges from hard to very hard on the water hardness scale. This can lead to a number of issues that affect your daily life. For example, hard water is known to reduce the water pressure in your home, which can complicate basic tasks like showering and doing the dishes. Hard water can also leave a visible residue on glasses and silverware after you wash them.

To address the hard water issue in local Floridian homes, it’s important to understand what causes this problem. Here’s what you need to know.

What Causes Hard Water?

Hard water typically forms when groundwater flows over or through limestone. Once this happens, the water accumulates a high concentration of mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium. As the content of these minerals increases, so does the degree of water hardness.

Fortunately, there are a couple of simple steps you can take to combat the hard water issue in your home.

Tips for Avoiding Hard Water

Following these guidelines can make it possible for you to avoid dealing with hard water. Here are some basic pointers to help you get started.

1. Invest in a Water Filtration System

A water filtration system helps reduce the hardness of your water before it causes damage. Designed to eliminate magnesium, calcium, and other harmful elements, the Halo water system ensures that your water is suitable for drinking and cleaning before it even enters your plumbing system.

2. Take Action From Home 

Before bringing in the professionals, try these tricks for yourself around the home: 

3. Hire a Plumber

More often than not, hard water needs professional attention. If you are not happy with the quality of your water, a Premier Comfort plumber in West Palm Beach can take care of it for you. Our experienced specialists can also closely examine your plumbing system to identify any other potential issues, such as low water pressure, to enhance your overall home comfort.

Enjoy High-Quality Water in Florida

Properly managing your water quality now can help you enjoy fresher, tastier water in the long run. No matter what type of plumbing issue you’re facing, whether it’s hard water or a broken pipe, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Premier Comfort Services to bring your plumbing system back to its normal state.

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