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Air Purification Services in West Palm Beach

Cleaning the Air You Breathe at Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), typical residential indoor air contains more pollutants and contaminants than outdoor air. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, upper respiratory conditions, or would like to protect your home from airborne pathogens, you may benefit from our air purification products like the APCO-X FRESH-AIRE UV and REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier.

At Premier Comfort Services, Inc., the air purifiers we install and service don’t just clean the air you breathe, they help clean the surfaces you touch as well.

Our products can help significantly reduce the amount of pathogens, allergens and pollutants in your home including:

  • Tree LeafViruses
  • Bacteria
  • Asbestos/hazardous materials
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Lead
  • Pollen
  • Fungi
  • Radon
  • Cleaning AC unitCarbon monoxide
  • Dander
  • Dust mites
  • Dust viruses

What Is APCO-X Fresh-Aire UV?

This whole-house air treatment system includes a 254 nm germicidal UV-C lamp that reduces viruses, bacteria, mold, germs and airborne toxic gasses from the indoor air your household breathes every day. This product sterilizes biological contaminants and neutralizes odors, and it is designed to disinfect surfaces and the air as it circulates through the ventilation system. APCO-X can be installed in your HVAC unit or ductwork, and it has been proven to be a cost-effective seamless solution to controlling infectious agents and toxic compounds. It operates continuously at maximum efficiency, and it includes proprietary antimicrobial nanotech technology. This system has been tested to achieve up to a 99.999% reduction on microorganisms, by Antimicrobial Test Laboratories.

Completely silent, a properly installed UV disinfection systems for room, surface & HVAC will prolong the life of all heating and cooling systems and provide the ideal proactive measure to complement filtration for cleaner, fresher, and healthier air.

How REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier Works

This award-winning system uses proprietary Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology ionizers to reduce airborne particles (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores) and kill up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses. This process reduces odors and air pollutants, and captures many of the smallest, most dangerous-to-breathe submicron airborne particles. When properly installed in your ductwork by a licensed HVAC technician, REME HALO® not only sweeps through your entire home purifying the air, but is also induces pollutant particles to coalesce which makes them easier for your filter to catch.

Manufactured by RFG Environmental Group, this easy-to-maintain air cleaner was designed to emulate nature’s process of purifying the air, and is one of Premier Comfort Services, Inc.'s greatest offerings for air purification. If you are unsure of which system would fit your home and budget, give us a call, and our indoor air quality specialists will assess your current setup and present you with recommendations tailored for you.

Don’t let your indoor air compromise your health and comfort! Schedule an appointment with us at (561) 530-2779 for a full review of our air purification products in West Palm Beach.

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