How to Prevent Coronavirus Pathogens from Circulating Through Your Home

Keep Your Air Supply Virus Free

COVID-19, more commonly known as the Coronavirus, is rapidly spreading throughout the nation, including here in Florida. Keeping you and your loved ones safe during this time is your number-one priority, and we know that you’re taking every available step to do so. But while we’re all talking about practicing proper social distancing and following CDC guidelines, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about what to do to kill any pathogens that may have already entered your home. Although proper sanitation of clothes and surfaces is important, COVID-19’s viral droplets can also be transmitted through the air.

To keep you and your family safe, it is important to eliminate all traces of the virus in our homes, not just on surfaces, but in the air as well. The indoor air quality services offered by licensed HVAC technicians are designed to eliminate harmful pathogens such as dust, pollen, and viruses that may be lurking in the air you breathe. In this time of crisis, these services have become vital in protecting vulnerable populations from being exposed to airborne viral droplets.

How Do You Clean Air?

Cleaning your home’s air supply can seem like an impossible task. The pathogens you’re trying to eliminate, after all, are too small to see! That’s why you’ll be better off leaving this task to the experts. The key to keeping your air clean and safe is to prevent any pathogens that enter your home from mixing with the air supply. HVAC technicians have a lot of experience removing harmful particles from air using a variety of tools and techniques, like:

  • Filters, which trap pathogens and stop them from circulating through your home
  • Air purifiers, which kill any pathogens they come into contact with

Contact our local air conditioning specialists for help finding an indoor air quality solution that will work to keep your home safe from Coronavirus particles. While no solution is guaranteed to kill 100% of the virus, filtration and purification devices can significantly decrease your chances of infection.

Harmful Particles Can Hide in Your Air Ducts

While filters and purifiers installed in your home HVAC system can destroy Coronavirus particles circulating through your home, some of those particles may not make it that far. Many viral droplets settle on surfaces instead of remaining airborne and encountering these protection systems. When particles settle on accessible surfaces, like tables or counters, you can easily eliminate them yourself with proper cleaning and sanitation. But what happens when these harmful pathogens settle somewhere you can’t reach?

Airborne Coronavirus droplets can settle in your interior air ducts, where they can be picked up and re-circulated as air is blown past them. That’s why, in addition to investing in an air filter or purifier, experts strongly recommend getting your air ducts professionally cleaned and sanitized. One of our licensed HVAC technicians can go over every inch of your home’s ductwork, decontaminating as they go, to make sure that old, hidden dangers won’t be reappearing in your air supply anytime soon.

Florida Residents Can Count on Premier Comfort Services, Inc. to Provide Outstanding Indoor Air Quality Solutions that Help Prevent Contamination. Contact Us or Call Today!

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