Can Indoor Air Quality Help with Spring Allergies?

When winter turns to spring, it, unfortunately, brings uncomfortable allergies to many Floridians. Grass, pollen, ragweed, and other common plant allergies can make an otherwise lovely season seem rather unpleasant. What many allergy sufferers don’t realize is that indoor air quality has a significant effect on helping you find relief from spring allergies.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

While most spring allergies are caused by outdoor triggers, such as blooming plants releasing pollen, indoor air quality can still play a big role. For one thing, one of the easiest ways to minimize your seasonal allergies is to simply spend more time inside. An HVAC system designed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while filtering out common allergens can make this much easier. Having a well-maintained system is particularly important for indoor air quality in the West Palm Beach area since our humid climate makes ducts and filters prone to growing mold. Toxic black mold is a concern, but even non-toxic varieties can exacerbate allergies and asthma.

Good indoor air quality also helps to remove other common allergy triggers, such as pet dander and dust mites, which can add to the discomfort caused by seasonal allergies. 

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

One of the best ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality is to make sure your HVAC system is well-maintained. Clean or change your filters regularly, and consider investing in a HEPA filter to help block and trap smaller pollen particles that may make their way into your home. Besides that, to maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ), it is recommended that you keep the home clean and organized. Here are some things to check for or clear out: 

Consider hiring a trained technician to inspect your home’s ducts, vents, and other components to ensure they’re all clean and in good shape.

Your Indoor Air Quality Experts

At Premier Comfort Services, Inc., we specialize in helping our clients achieve excellent indoor air quality. Whether you want a consultation on a new system or are simply looking for AC repair in West Palm Beach, give us a call today. Our trained technicians are available 24/7 to help you.

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