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The hot summer months in Palm Beach County, Martin County and Brevard County are relentlessly unforgiving when it comes to heat and humidity. If you don’t have access to a sufficiently cool home, it can be a headache and, depending on how hot it gets, dangerous as well. No one should have to endure the summer without an effective and efficient air conditioning system.

If your central air conditioning doesn’t start correctly, fails to distribute cool air throughout your home evenly, makes excessive noises, or increases your monthly utility bills, it may be time to consider an air conditioning repair from Premier Comfort Services, Inc. We have trained and licensed HVAC technicians standing by to help you get cool with a professional central air conditioning repair.

We provide a range of air conditioning repair services, including leak repairs and refrigerant recharging. Premier Comfort Services, Inc. offers comprehensive services for most major brands, including Trane, Carrier, Ruud, Rheem, and Lennox. Our skilled and knowledgeable air conditioning repair technicians are always available 24/7 to assist with whatever services you need. We take pride in providing an essential service to keep the members of our community cool during the hot summer season.

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When Is It Time to Call Us for an Air Conditioning Repair?

In many cases, a broken AC unit can be easy to spot. It simply won’t cool the home. Yet, there are subtle clues that do happen to indicate an air conditioning unit may require repair in the near future. To avoid the possibility of a major issue requiring the replacement of your AC unit, it is important to note certain indicators that your air conditioning is not performing as it should. If you suspect an impending issue with your air conditioning unit, contact our air conditioning repair experts to perform a comprehensive diagnostic of your cooling system to determine the problem and correct it. Premier Comfort Services, Inc. also provides annual maintenance services to assist you in keeping your air conditioning running and your home cool during the summer.

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Look Out for These Common Signs of an Air Conditioner That Requires Repair

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, please contact Premier Comfort Services, Inc. for reliable and affordable air conditioning repairs to keep you and your loved ones cool.

Mini-Split AC Repair

In recent years, minisplit AC systems have become one of the most requested HVAC installations for residential homes. Many homeowners have taken advantage of the minisplit AC configuration, allowing them to cool specific areas of the house to their exact specifications. With that said, minisplit air conditioners also require maintenance and sometimes repair as well. Here at Premier Comfort Services, Inc., we offer air conditioning repair services for most makes and models of minisplit AC systems. If you currently use a minisplit AC system to cool your home that requires repair, contact the air conditioning specialists at Premier Comfort Services, Inc. for fast and reliable repair services.

Premier Comfort Services, Inc. is a leading provider of HVAC services in Palm Beach County, Martin County, Brevard County, and the surrounding areas. We provide full-service air conditioning maintenance, as well as AC replacement and installation services. For more information about how to stay cool with Premier Comfort Services, Inc., contact us today!